About us

The story began in July 2006 when an actress  started working with a group of Polish actors, hoping to form an ensemble theatre company. After a few months of workshop sessions, Gappad was founded by six actors who formed the first ensemble .
Their first play RE-ID has been devised in a close collaboration with a Scottish director and Polish composer in a 5-month session period.
After a ‘sold-out’ premiere at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow in June 2007, Gappad took RE-ID to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and then to Govan International Festival, closing the project and the first year of company’s development. RE-ID all together was performed 13 times within 5 months at 3 venues in front of both Polish and Scottish audiences.
Since October 2007 Gappad works in a new Polish-Scottish ensemble, consisting of 3 of the original members and 1 new performer company’s new Associate Director, forming together Gappad’s Creative Ensemble.